Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greed and Investment

I posted this on my daughter's blog first but she thought it was good so maybe its worth repeating. I wrote this during some down time while in Vail for a week of skiing.

Readers, have any of you ever heard a member of Congress or a President say that we need to raise taxes to pay off the national debt? I am guessing you haven't because I have never heard it nor read about it happening and I am old. And you probably never will. Surpluses start to happen when the economy is doing well because the increased flow of money and therefore taxes is what creates surpluses. Which is what happened just before Bush the Younger and his "Greed is Good" boys arrived on the scene.

The GOP always digs up the old saw that deficit spending (not that it is necessarily a good thing) puts a mortgage on future generations and our children that will cripple them with a burden that will cause the most unimaginable (yet undefined) grief.

It is a mantra of conservative thought except when they are in control and doling out tax cuts for the rich.

It is also a big, smelly, pile of shit.

What we are doing now is investing in the future. Investing. I believe this is a core of the capitalistic system to promote growth.

Thanks to the "Greed Is Good" boys ruining the investment system, the federal government must come to the rescue. I shudder to think what out future would be if the GOP was still in control.

The only thing they know to do is to repeat the ideas that got us to where we are now.

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GETkristiLOVE said...

Luckily, they are not in control. BTW, you have the link to Vikki's blog wrong (take out the www).