Monday, February 2, 2009

Harbin, The Ice City Part II

The snow sculptures are across the river as are the ice sculptures. The snow sculptures are in Sun Island Park.

This is the kind of day it was. Have I mentioned that it is cold here?? Although difficult to see, there is a graceful cable suspension bridge under the sun.

There are moderate, large, and monster size sculptures to see. Photography is difficult due to the gray day and lack of contrast of the sculptures. Most of the photos have been adjusted to provide more contrast.

While touring the grounds we were treated to a small parade consisting of a band and Xmas characters that played Jingle Bells and other secular Xmas tunes as they hustled around the grounds.

We did stop for hot tea in this house with the red lanterns. Never has tea seemed so welcomed. There is a huge sculpture of a father winter in the background. It is about 3 stories high.

As you can see, the sculptures were quite detailed and impressive. The young English speaking woman on the left was our guide and facilitator for all our trip. Did I mention that it was cold?


GETkristiLOVE said...

Those band members are freakish. They look like they belong at the Island of Misfit toys.

Dad E said...

Yeah. As they passed by, you could see their horn stuck into their real mouth. Then there is the Chinese woman with a face mask dressed as Santa. Glad there were no Western tots around to be disillusioned. Then it is always a shock to hear Western music other than classical being played. It just doesn't seem to fit.