Friday, August 8, 2008

Regarding the latest criminal information about Bush

It never, ever made sense that Sadaam Hussein wanted anything to do with al-Qaida, group of fanatics movitivated by conservation religious fervor, never. Any documentation to the contrary should have been viewed with the utmost scrutiny and assumed to be false until proven otherwise.

Still to be answered is why Bush was pushed into a war with Iraq by his staff of neo-cons. instead of going after al-Qaida. Let's face it, Bush had no intellectual curiosity, no grasp of the long standing divisions within Iraq, and didn't anticipate nor plan for anything after the "mission accomplished" moment. And he had no clue that events would spin so out of his control.

His past was filled with situations that required his father's friends and cronies to step in and tell him what he had to do to escape from responsibility for being ineffectual. The moment he was told on 9/11 that we were under attack was an extremely telling moment of his character. I am sure someone had to bitch slap him and tell him to start acting as a president.

If ever there was a poster child for Alfred E. Newman of "Mad" magazine fame, Bush is it, just add a bushel of stubbornness to cover up his stupidity and we have the "C" student, cheer leader, failed businessman, former playboy, drug and alcohol abuser, lonely, coddled, son of an aloof father and mother in need of anger management classes.

There is a lot of responsibility to be shared for allowing this man of no integrity to lead our nation.

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'Bubbles' said...

I love the mental image of Bush getting a bitch slap! :-)

Sadly, a great speech writer handed him his copy, coached the hell out of him, and told him to go for it. If only the leadership that was reflected in the words actually existed in the man. sigh.

He can read if he gets a chance to practice and if someone coaches him - and maybe they gave him some drugs so that he wouldn't even try to use his own brain-mouth connection!

I CAN NOT believe that the polls (as reported by Yahoo) put Obama and McCain in a dead heat. That is just insane. I will not ever share responsibility for that insanity.