Monday, August 4, 2008

Beware of Pickpockets.

Travelling as much as I do, I usually take precautions against pick-pickets, especially since I have been victimized twice. Once in Barcelona at the beach and once in Joburg, at an ATM. Yesterday in Mexico City, a team tried to get my wallet by poring catsup on my back pocket containing my wallet and then helping me clean up the mess.

We were at a 7-11 where we bought a large bottle of Diet Coke to save against the outrageous courtesy bar prices in our room. A man pointed to my back pocket and I reached back to make sure I had rebuttoned my pocket after having my wallet out to pay for the Coke. I found a gooey mess of catsup all over my hand. The man motioned to me toward the rear of the store and proceeded to give me napkins he conveniently had and I proceeded to clean my hands and wipe off my pants (which were white). He was trying to help clean my pants off also and I became concerned about my wallet.

At one point, I move the wallet from my back pocket and moved it to my front pocket. The other man was being polite to Judith so as to engage her from helping me.

The first moment I knew there was catsup on my pants, I should have been aware that this is a typical pick pocket move of distraction, but I wasn't until I felt uncomfortable receiving too much help from strangers and I thanked them and moved away from them, wallet intact.

The button on my pocket helped and moving my wallet to my front pocket probably was the best thing I did. And I was totally conscience of where my wallet was at all times.

There were several things I should have done better. One was to immediately be suscipious once spattered with catsup. Another was to let Judith help me clean up.

I believe I was lucky to not have been robbed.


GETkristiLOVE said...

Way to go, you wouldn't want them get that picture of your favorite daughter you carry around.

Dad E said...

GKL-I leave most my valuables at home, so in case something does happen, my losts are minimized.

dguzman said...

My first time here, Dad e; your daughters are awesome!

This is a scary story--I don't think I would've let a stranger touch me, though. I'm kinda freaky about personal space, ketchup or no. Thanks for the tip!

Dad E said...

dguzman-I tend to be too trusting toward people that appear friendly as I want to return their friendliness. Judith, my wife is far more suspicious and she caught onto to the scam before I did. I think females are more wary of being touched--something I should learn from.

I has encouraged to start a blog by my daughters and have enjoyed the experience so far. I have learned things about their pasts (you know, the things you don't tell your parents) from their blogs that have enriched my feelings and the pride I feel towards them. I have started to check into your blog and enjoy your thinking and expressions.