Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why Are You Relevant?

I listened to the entire Rev. Wright interview with Bill Moyers that was aired just before the Rev. spouted off again. During the interview, Wright said some things that helped me understand why he said what he said from the sound bite that we all have seen and heard. Not that I agreed with him, but it helped me understand. And I thought the concerns that Moyers raised should have helped Wright understand how upset people were with what he said. But apparently he didn't grasp the issue that what he said was not only politically incorrect, but also indefensible as facts. Once he again stepped into the spot light, he showed not a glimmer of restraint and his performance in front of a crowd, showed that he is simply a fool. And a divisive and racist fool.

How could he not understand the damage he was doing to not only himself, but to Obama?

No wonder people try to make sense out of his motives, saying or thinking that he did it deliberately to take Obama down. And taking Obama down was necessary to either show he was more powerful or that Obama message of reconciliation and change were threatening. If these things might be true, I would give the Rev. a pass on that he did it with deliberation, but I would not dismiss that unconscious fears drove him.

The thing about AIDS is absurd. But the thing that really got me was "God Dam America".
Aren't we all, including Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Americans. If he was not including himself when he said "America", then where is he? This smacks as arrogance. Its like standing on a pedestal delivering God's messages like a true demagogue. This so often happens when religion and power are mixed together.

What upsets me the most is that the Reverend Should Be Irrelevant. This election year, all the Democratic candidates apparently decided that they had to convince the voters that Jesus was not a Republican. So they put their religion on display (pandering) instead of convincing us that we should dismiss its importance as a framework of morality. And, gentle readers, this is an really, really good example of the chickens coming home to roost.

If you want to run for president its best to choose a religion and a pastor that are bland. The kind that doesn't require special underwear or require handing out pamphlets at airports. The kind that doesn't take the bible literally and believe in the talking snake. The kind that doesn't blame natural disasters upon sinners. The kind that doesn't judge a nation as a whole.
What makes America great is that it eventually tries to correct its mistakes. And I have faith that the voters will do that this fall.

Oh how I wish for a candidate that didn't have to profess devotion to a religion. But it won't happen. The best I can hope for is someone who does not make decisions based on the idea that America is specially blessed by a god or that a god guides them to make the right decisions.

I hope Obama has learned to keep God out of it and the men who claim to speak for him.

Once Obama actually has the nomination (and there is no way he won't get it now) the Democratic party will be able to highlight the crazy old white men kooks that support McCain, like Hagee, Falwell, Robertson, Parsley, should the Republicans try to play the Wright card. The game is far from over.

I hope it doesn't come to this, but knowing the Republican tactics I would be prepared. They will use fear politics as they have in the past. But I think Obama's ability to inspire us to a better future will win.


Cheer34 said...

If Obama secures the nomination, I hope he will be a strong no nonsense leader....I do not believe he will be... but I still hope.

I agree Religion should be left out of politics. Look where W's god has sent us.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Personally, I think belonging to a Black Nationalist church was a political decision for Obama. Yeah, he took a hit for it among white voters, but you don't hear the whole "not black enough" narrative at all anymore, and black voters are pretty solidly behind him.

Dad E said...

34-As a Chicagoan, I probably have a better understanding of survival and advancement in the political climate Obama grew in. The big secrete is that Obama is a skilled polician, while not seaming to be. To accomplish this, he has had to have strong principles.

I am voting for him beliving that what ever his faults, he is the best choice, by far.

Vikki-Yep. I agree. He knew he could find knowledge and a path to acquire a good repetition within the church and expand upon his talents. But I think it was the church, not the pastor, that was appealing.