Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hoi An, Vietnam

 The Pilgrimage Village provided a car and driver for our 3 hour drive to the Nam Hi resort on the Cha Dai Beach fronting the South China Sea. During the war GI’s took R&R here and called it China Beach.

The trip went through several sea side and inlet fishing villages, then up a mountain pass along switch back roads before dropping down into Danang. Apparently there was a new tunnel through the mountain but we took the more scenic option and were rewarded in kind with spectacular visas of the sea crashing against steep cliffs and panoramic views of the coastline.

Finally as we near the resort, we arrive at a beach area and I hop out of the car to take a photo of Mother Buddha.
Our stay at the Nam Hai was wonderful. Our villa slopped from back to front with our bed in the middle, looking straight out to an unobstructed view of the beach, ocean, and mountains. Behind the bed is a day bed and bathtub finished in eggshell lacquer. However, with an outdoor shower surrounded by a privacy wall, the tub was forgotten as the chance to shower naked outdoors had much appeal to me. Also included were a flat screen TV, and iPod sound dock with Bose sound system station which we used frequently. At night, silk curtains were drawn around the bed and the shades pulled while two large candles provided enough light for excursions during the night.

Golf carts are used to whisk guests around and also included were free limo transfers to the airport, a personal butler, free mini bar, free breakfast, and free evening cocktails and canapés. Using them all, helped to allay the high cost per night.

I took part in a yoga class in the early morning twice taught by a yoga master from Nepal. But before yoga class, we arose early to view the sun rise.
Twice we venture out of the resort to Hoi An, one of the must see places in Vietnam. In the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries it was the primary port and trading post in Vietnam particularly of ceramics from China. It is now an UNESCO World Heritage place It is now a quaint auto free village filled with shops and great restaurants. Lots of art and Judith bought a real nice piece to replace one of our prints in the living room. My favorite restaurant was the Mango Rooms which featured a cocktail of Mango juice, rum, and vodka.

One of the amazing sights was seeing the school children get out of school and flock to the shaved ice shop.
Here is a photo of me in a museum showing a model of an ancient ship.
From the quiet atmosphere of Hoi An, we fly into Ho Chi Minh City, a city of enterprise and activity.


GETkristiLOVE said...

That's one red sunset. Very pretty.

Dad E said...

These are sunrises.